Fredrik Sixten (born 21/10/1962 in Skövde, Sweden) and Cantando Musikkforlag (established in 1986) have, entered into a general administrative and publishing agreement that include several works not previously issued by other publishing houses.

Sixten is one of Scandinavia’s leading composers of church music, and through his work as a church musician in Västerås and Vänersborg, and as cathedral organist in Härnösand and Nidaros, he has made his mark on church music as a whole. Fredrik currently works full time as a composer, which is a consequence of the many commissions he receives from all around the world!

Fredrik has composed many works, great and small, including «A Swedish St. Mark passion» and «St. John’s passion», «A Swedish Christmas oratorio», and a «Requiem». Fredrik’s compositions are distinctive, and feature hints of the French masters of the 20th century, jazz, and especially Nordic folk music. Fredrik is currently working on a major opera project based on Henning Mankell’s character Wallander. This opera will be performed in both Germany and Sweden in 2016.

In the spring of 2015, his newly written St. John’s passion will be premièred in 13 churches around Sweden. This work will be published in the spring of 2016 by Cantando as Fredrik’s first major oratorio.

Cantando Musikkforlag was founded in 1986 by church musician Jan Stefan Bengtsson, and has since published around 4000 works. The publisher currently employs 8 people, and publishes across all genres – but with a continued focus on church music. Cantando Musikkforlag is the largest publisher of church music in the Nordic region and issues music by a number of Nordic composers, including many Norwegians.
The publisher manages the rights of several composers including Trond H.F. Kverno, Sigvald Tveit, Anfinn Øien, Erik Hillestad, Eilert Tøsse, Iver Kleive, and many more. The company also has a separate department for rights clearing for other publishers. In recent years, the publisher has focused on selling Norwegian music abroad via means such as the downloading of music (

Sixten says the following about the publisher and their future collaboration:
”I felt inspired by this new and close partnership with Cantando, which will provide my music with greater exposure – especially abroad.”

During the course of the spring of 2015, the publisher will issue a number of works by Fredrik Sixten, like “Canticle of the Sun” for 2 sopranos and organ and “St. John’s passion” (2016).

Contact for further information:

Publisher Jan Stefan Bengtsson, tel. +47 93 21 15 87