ba001Johann Sebastian Bach: Complete Organ Works in 11 Volumes

Volume 6
Preludes, Toccatas, Fantasias and Fugues II /
Early Versions and Variants to I (Volume 5) and II (Volume 6)

Edited by Dietrich Kilian
Updated Edition by Peter Wollny
BA 5266
(replaces BA 5176)

This present volume is an updated edition of Series IV, Volume 6, of the New Bach Edition (NBA), prepared by Dietrich Kilian in 1964. The discovery of new sources and a reassessment of existing handwritten copies have brought about changes to the contents of the volume, which now includes the Fantasia in C minor (BWV 1121), the Fantasia in G major (BWV 571), the Fugue in G major (BWV 577) and the C major version of the Toccata and Fugue in E major (BWV 566). On the other hand, the Prelude in G major (BWV 568) as well as the alternative versions of the Fugue in C minor (BWV 574a) and the Prelude in A major (BWV 536a) have been discarded as presumably spurious.

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ba09209_00_9790006562633_co_std_01Theodore Dubois:
Complete Organ Works

Volume VI:
Posthumous Works
42 Pieces for Organ without Pedal (1925)

Edited by Helga Schauerte-Maubouet
BA 9209

Volume VI presents 42 easy to moderately difficult pieces without pedal for organ in every key, and brings the complete edition of Theodore Dubois’ organ works to a close. With their contrasting length and character, the pieces offer a wide range of performance possibilities both inside and outside the liturgy. Since Dubois was a master of melody, several of the pieces can also be rendered on the piano, further enhancing the collection’s practical value.

MessiasMessias i ny utgave fra Carus forlag
For bestilling og priser søk etter forlagsnummer CV55.056 i vår butikk

George Frideric Handel is considered England’s first and foremost composer of oratorios. Above all, the Messiah is regarded as the epitome of sacred music and in German-speaking countries it is also one of the most often performed works in the genre. The version of the Messiah which is most often performed today is a combination of various versions. Consequently, the present critical edition by Ton Koopman contains all the surviving alternative versions of the solo movements. A concordance makes it possible to assign these movements to those various performances of the work conducted by Handel between the Dublin premiere in 1742 and the London concerts which took place up to 1759. In accordance with the wishes voiced by many choral conductors and singers, the vocal score will be available in separate English and German versions.

Ny utgave i serien ORGAN PLUS ONE
Praise and Thank – Baptism and Wedding
Ordernr. BA8505, bestill her.

The “organ plus” one series was conceived primarily with semi-professional church musicians and instrumentalists in mind.
Based on the liturgical year, the pieces can be readily performed in church services, evening recitals or small concerts.
Included are pieces which are freely-composed or based on chorales, both original works and arrangements.

Each edition includes solo parts for instruments in C, B-flat, E-flat and F which can be played by violin, flute, oboe, clarinet, trumpet and horn in F. The range of the solo instruments remains in the middle register.

Among the pieces in this edition are John Alcock, “Fuga”; ChristliebSiegmund Binder, “Prelude in F major”; Jacques-Nicolas Lemmens, “Fanfare”;Max Philipp Zeyhold, “Concerto in A major”; Johann Sebastian Bach, “Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan”; Karl Hoyer, “Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier”; Carl Piutti, “Lobe den Herren, den mächtigen König”; and Carsten Klomp, “Grosser Gott, wir loben dich”.

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